I'm sitting in Ostrołęka in my studio. Behind the window, thunderstorms and ulewisty rain.

Despite the fact that I spent 12 years of my life in the land of Deszczowców, these storms and rain do not interfere so much. Why? Ano because it is a nice variety. The air becomes cleaner, it works better. In Ostrołęka practically since the beginning of April a wonderful weather, more than 20 degrees every day. This storm is a godsend.

I decided to introduce you a little dear reader/Czytelniczko in your world. As the name suggests, Rafski Fotografski deals with photography. But not only. There are quite a few other projects and tasks that occupy my time. So in turn.

Yesterday was another photo session. The effects will probably soon they will see the light of day. But you have to know that it takes a little bit to get the final effect. I still have a lot of work before me to make pictures. The session was open-air and the people present on it would probably confirm that I had a little "Urobić" at her.

Soon another outdoor sessions, subscribe to the newsletter to have the latest information from Rafskiego.

One of the photos from a session with cockroaches. Model Paulina, MUA Paulina Jezierska and Agata Ciuchta Wilds. A cockroach from Kasia. Foto Rafski

And here's the rest of the things I took in the last week:

A mysterious project that I used in the last session. A lot of work as a carpenter and painter. More info is coming soon.

I created a YouTube channel juhuuu you can subscribe. Link in the menu on the right on the homepage rafski.com

RODO and GIODO: I deal with the adaptation of the website to European standards for the processing of personal data.

I have implemented privacy policy

I am working on a newsletter and mailing system

I have implemented an encrypted connection on the website (SSL) Now a visit to the site via HTTPS results in a secure connection.

I produced some simple Cinemagraphów https://fb.com/rafski7

I changed my hair color:D https://amzn.to/2kzi9pg

I sat two days in Warsaw. Even I started with the camera on the city. There is a stop near Vilnius station.

And here is my recommended program for video editing:




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